My relationship...longest movie

Our relationship is the longest movie
It has been showing for three years
I'm still keeping the ticket
The ballet on ice is still revolving in my mind
Looking at yet slowly forgetting you
In the haze of time How far we have skated
The circles made by the skates' blades, whoever's in it changes
If we could start all over again, will it be a tad too awkward
Is love more precious when it is kept in the heart?
Please give me two more minutes
Let me freeze these memories forever
Don't let your tears fall
Smudging your makeup
How can I remember?
I remember you told me to forget
I remember you told me to forget
You said you would cry
But not because you care

After Few day end of my Job

I always wonder thats is that life is boring??perhaps...after me end of my part time job..i few bored then my job life...y life very suck??how came we just sleep eat or what...i dont know y...i sick for it now....i miss my school life...i like wear uniform..all..teachers,friends,my ex girl miss u u alls..

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