aku cuba lupakanmu

Maaf jika aku x bercakap atau bertegur sapa...bukan apa,aku cuba lupakan dirimu...kau aku sayang,kau aku jaga,kau aku pilih....xpelah aku cuba melepaskan kau dari hati yang pedih dan pahit ini....kadang-kadang kita jaga hati org lain,tapi hati kita sape nak jaga??yea,memang betul hidup aku dengan kesedihan..dengan berpura-pura gembira x ada yang tahu diriku ini....aku harap kau gembira...aku bukan putus asa.....aku cuma relakan....

Terbaik untuk si dia....

Semasa saya duduk di tepi jendela melihat awan sambil mendengar lagu...pada masa sama,tiba-tiba lagu yovie dan nono"menjaga hati" di"play"kan,dalam masa yang sama aku teringat si dia...hehehe....teringat kat si dia,nape lah saya tergila-gila kat dia?hurm...mungkin rupa??x,saya tidak pernah menilai seseorang dari luar(mungkin)....bagi saya si dia seorang yang penyayang...tp kadang-kadang sensitive....saya berasa gembira semasa dia berada...saya mungkin bukan yang romantik..tapi aku cuba memahami dia...bukan aku bukan terbaik lagi untuk si dia...tapi bagi saya,manusia tak ada yang sempurna...mesti ada kesilapan kan...tapi aku x kisah...yang saya tau saya sayang kat dia sangat-sangat...saya jaga dia(tp mcm control dia)hurm...xpelah...apabila dah sayang seseorang,mungkin sanggup buat apa kot??dia tetap di hati saya..walaupun x nak bercakap,berhubung dengan saya....setelah saya fahami saya bukan terbaik yang di dalam hati dia,x dapat saya sangsikan...mungkin pilihan dia lebih baik dari saya....maafkanlah saya...walau saya masih mencintai dia,saya terpaksa melepaskan dia.....mungkin ini terbaik untuk dia....akhir sekali,jaga diri baik2 ye si dia...mungkin dia yang terbaik untuk kamu.....


Sayang...Aku sayang padamu
...Aku cintai padamu.

...Aku perlukanmu

...Aku tau aku salah

...Aku minta maaf

...Aku berterima kasih kepadamu

Sayang...Aku sayang padamu

The Pencil..still remember this story??

The Pencil is written by Ali Majod, who is a graduate from the University of Malaya in the year of 1978 illustrates aptly the axiom that not only should justice be done but it should also be seen to be done. This is explored through the perception of a child on the one hand, and the adult world on the other. The former is represented by Zahid and the latter by Mr Jamal and Mr Berahim, the school principal. Zahid and Dolah quarrel over a pencil. Mr. Jamal asked them to come up front to see him. Dolah accused Zahid steals his pencil. Mr Jamal's pronouncement that Dolah is the rightful owner of the pencil is based on the evidence produced by Dolah as the pencil has Dolah's initial on it. Mr. Jamal believed him and punished Zahid. Weeks before that, Zahid saw the pencil in a bookstore. He liked the pencil very much and he did asked money from his grandmother so he can buy the pencil. Grandmother asked him to work with his Uncle Teh instead. He bought the pencil and treasured it very much. A few days after that, the pencil disappeared. It turned out Dolah have the same pencil, only the paint was scrapped off. Zahid interrogated Dolah about the pencil and did waited for Dolah in the bush after school to ambush Dolah. He then hit Dolah. Zahid found the pencil in Dolah's bag and broke it into pieces. He ran home. He did not come to school for three days after that. He was down with fever. After that, he became a little monster.

He disturbed other children. He bought a pocketknife and destroyed the nature table in the
classroom. He slashed Dolah's hand. Zahid was called into the Principal's office. Mr. Berahim, the
principal, asked Zahid why he do all the bad things. Zahid told him everything. Dolah admitted
that he stole Zahid's pencil and accused Zahid instead. Mr. Berahim told Mr. Jamal about Zahid's
father. Mr. Jamal now understand why Zahid became very naughty. Mr. Berahim gave Zahid
two new pencils. He was very happy and gave one pencil to Dolah. Obviously, this short story portrays the norm behaviour of schoolchildren or early teenagers in our country. The deed of taken others’ property could be said to be as the usual things that they do. It does not mean that they like to steal, but actually, the feelings of can not stand looking at others’ luxury drives them to do the deed. Actually, it reminds us about our good-old school days. Same goes to the teacher who punished his student without doing further interrogation. He did not give the chances to Zahid to talk and give explanation on what he had done. He even did not question himself about why do Zahid seems do not satisfied with Dolah. In these situation, may be we can say that these kind of early teenagers are still immature and could not be able to think wisely as adult do and the reality of teacher who have the authority in making decision. We would like to claim that this story is actually trying to celebrate the Malaysian culture by emerging the kind of experiences that usually happen among our citizen if we look at it from the positive side. We might think that the persona includes the negative elements as the representative of our culture, but it is a norm and it’s happen in the reality world. We could deal it as a positive attribute for us to analyze the things that we do in our daily life and we can fix it if we want. As we get through to the story and analyze every inch of the meanings that the persona is trying to convey, we may understand our culture better.

The Road Not Taken-Robert Frost (1874–1963)

TWO roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth; 5
Then took the other, as just as fair,
And having perhaps the better claim,
Because it was grassy and wanted wear;
Though as for that the passing there
Had worn them really about the same, 10
And both that morning equally lay
In leaves no step had trodden black.
Oh, I kept the first for another day!
Yet knowing how way leads on to way,
I doubted if I should ever come back. 15
I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference. 20


Raya sudah...hurm...apa lagi...puasa enam lak...
tp nak study dah..huhu..tapi ada sorang agi
x lyn kita...sedihnya....saya masih tunggu
dia...tolong reply saya...disebabkan kesalahan kecil
sampai mcm ni??apa yang saya harus lakukan??
saya manusia kerdil...tolong maafkan saya..
saya rindu kenangan kita....
Entah kenapa....fikiran dan hati saya susah lupakanmu
mungkin saya.........
saya harap dapat teruskan seperti dulu...
saya sayang kamu....

1 day before Raya

haha...so excited want celebrate raya days...
of cause this year ,fasting 1 month again..
hahaha..1 day before raya..
hurm...what does you guys do??
cleaning all house?i hope so...
1 week holiday....still got assignment to do also...
huhu...miss you guys also...event though just 1 week..
especially "you".....
k la...take care guys...dun eat too much...hahaha

Kasih Maafkanlah

Kasih jangan begitu
Pandangkanlah ke mataku
Jangan kau mengalih wajahmu
Jangan begitu

Jiwa rasa gelisah
Rayuku kau dengarkanlah
Apa yang inginku nyatakan
Kekadang diri ini memang terlupa
Melukai hatimu tanpa niat diriku
Maafkanlah aku maafkan aku kekasihku

Kasih maafkan diri ini
Kasih dengarkan lagu ini
Aku sungguh sayang padamu
Aku takkan mahu hilangmu
Kerana ku tak berdaya tanpa dirimu

Janganlah kau biar aku sendiri
Menanti dalam resah yang begini
Kerana ku ingin di saat ini
Hanyalah hilangkan kerinduan
Dan berjanjilah padaku
Jangan tinggalkan hati ini
Kerana kita berdua untuk selamanya

Kerana kita berdua untuk selamanya

Hey you,My anwers of Love!! Read its.

Personally, I came across many people during my life. For some, love was so easy and for many, love was indeed difficult. This is from what I observed and what they told me. As I go around asking people with different points of view concerning love, I realised that a lot of people tend to mix up love and other things like dating and sex. Some say love is complicated when the other side don’t bother to call them or care for them when they are lonely. Some says love is complicated when the other side refuses to make love with them. Some says love is complicated when the other side couldn’t offer much material security (especially money). When too many things mixed up, love becomes complicated to most people.

Love is a feeling and by definition it is perhaps beyond understanding but it’s not that complicated. We makes it complicated because we want tangible proof for love. But when it comes to love, we need to remember that there will never be a tangible proof for it. We go through life expecting love to be a certain way and then when it’s not we feel pain but what we don’t realize is that we expected the pain (not the joy) and, therefore, we attracted it. When you choose someone, you have to be willing to love them for who they are, where they are, and not get sucked up into wanting them to change, to become so much more than who they are so you can be happy. If you don’t like the person standing before you and his/her habits annoy you and you don’t know if you can spend the rest of your life with this person, say no and move on.

Alright, I guess my views are now making your thoughts even more complicated. Haha. The bottom line is, Love yourself first before rushing into relationship! Be the love you want in your life and then you’ll naturally attract it.


Life why you so funny??
Giving people confusing..
Life full of sweet??
I did not expect my life became like this
until people misunderstand it...
quite weird right??
Actually i don't want to be like this,
Feeling we cant control right?
Human also did not perfect..
But we try to be perfect??
Yea,you guys may be agree....
How hard we try,we still got weakness
and that weakness make us more strong and mature
haha..how funny it is....nah,i dun mind....
i got my life also and continue they journey as "khalifah"
How came many people will misunderstand with me...
Am i too caring?Am i too good??Am i too Kind??
You think about your life..don't compare with others...
Think your life is better or else?? yea...lets thinking...


Apa yang aku telah buat??
Bagi tahu je apa yang aku salah buat..
Aku tak suka orang tikam dari belakang
Apa salah aku??
Aku rasa aku diseksa...
senyap hilang bergitu...
kenapa hendak mengelak?
Jika nak mcm tu,bagi tau..
aku akan buat selama-lamanya x ganggu kau..
Aku manusia biasa,tak ada rupa,bodoh,gemuk...
Tapi aku ada satu,yang hanya tuhan tau,Hati dan keikhlasan
aku bukan puji sendiri,Tapi aku tidak mahu jadi hipokrit dan ego,
Aku suka Kat kau,Aku cinta kat kau...
Hati aku makin teguh,makin mencintaimu....
Aku tidak mahu berakhir dengan macam ni...
Terus teranglah kau kepada aku..
Aku tau kau baca ini....
Aku dah hilang adik angkat kesayangan aku,
sekarang aku hilang dari sokongan kau...
Aku...........aku..........Minta Maaf dengan Kau....
Maafkan Aku........maafkan aku......

Adik....maafkan abang.....

AKu lagi bersabar....
Aku terjekut dengan berita ini...
Ya Allah...Ampunilah dosa-dosa aku,
Selamatlah keluargaku dan sahabat-sahabatku....
Aku tidak mahu apa-apa dariMu..
Aku tidak layak meminta apa-apa denganMu...
Aku berdoa...yea..AKu hanya berdoa...
Ya Allah,cucurilah rahmat kau kepada adik angkatKu ini...
Ampunilah dosa-dosa dia.....
Adik...maafkan abang....abang x sempat tgk kamu...
maafkan abang....
Tak kira bertapa kuat ku bersedih tak akan panggil kau kembali....
Adik...maaf....maaf sangat.....Aku betul-betul menyesal......


Aku kagum dengan ciptaanMu
Aku kagum dengan kau yang Maha Genius
Tapi aku hairan kenapa manusia tidak mahu
mengikutMu Ya Allah....
Manusia dicipta untuk menjadi seorang Khalifah di Dunia..
Tapi aku rasa ini ada linkungan..yang menjadi halangan semua manusia
ya..betul,linkungan yang menjadi halangan semua....
manusia takkan berubah jika dia sendiri tak mahu berubah..
hurm...manusia ada akal dan fikiran,
biarlah kita fikir di dunia dan akhirat yang memberi terbaik untuk kehidupan..


Aku reda kepadaMu Ya Allah,
Dari satu masalah ke satu masalah
diuji dariMu Ya Allah,
Aku tidak mau merungut denganMu Ya Allah
Aku Reda...
Aku telah "mati"sekali,Aku akan sebaik-baik
peluang ini untuk kebaikan Ya Allah...
Aku berdoa kepadaMu Ya Allah...
Ampunilah dosa-dosa aku...
Aku tidak sekuat fizikal,tapi bagilah Aku sekuat Mental
untuk mengharungi dalam Dunia ini,
Aku tahu,aku akan jawap di dunia akhirat kelak...

Berbuka puasa....

Dengan mendengar azan Magrib,
Dengan membaca doa makan,
Apa lagi terus makan la..
haha...hari ni berbuka puasa dengan geng kelas aku
hahaha....entah la...rasa biasa je...may be aku dah hati batu kot
hahaha.....da la kena 2 kali org lepas "tangan"mcm tu je kat aku
nak marah,biasa je lah...sabar...kadang-kadang nak meletup je hati aku...
hahaha...tapi aku selalu ingat kepadaNya...yea...
Kau yang Maha Segala-galaNya...hanya kau yang aku percaya...
InsyaAllah...Allah akan membalas apa yang kita lakukan....

The Ending...

I did not want to quarrel so bored I am
Do not know how to apologize I'm not so smart
Well want to go back to our starting point
Again you can not comfort me to cry
I also regret at the point of shaking their heads so
Love's development has been difficult to go back can not move forward
However, they usually appear in the chest, two hearts can plug a few question marks
How many tears flow Let Love
Your eyes take my heart is full of beautiful
Your gentle and so close to my heart away
Reverse the time to be able to start a second
You can also think of waiting for one day
It hung in memory of the beautiful。。


Hurm...i dun knw wan to say at here
hahaha...i crazy..i crazy with her
although its impossible together with her
haha..how,what,when,should i do??
haha..i am "crazy"with sadness..hahaha
next week wanna raya already..
haha..so excited...can go back holiday already..
i want forget everything..yea,i will forget everything..
hahaha....hey you,I will forget you!!!All the best in your life
and relationship...hahaha...


haha,kelakar la hari ni bagi saya
nape kelakar??haha,boardband saya hilang..hahaha
kelakar kan...boardband aku hilang...
hurm...x leh la on9 malam ni..hahaha...
esok baru p blok sim saya...
rasa kelakar la,Allah nak uji kesabaran aku..
aku bersabar.....hahaha....

Kije relax,result Gempak

so bored...these day full of assignment..
sampai nak pecah kepala nak buat dan fikir idea baru
lecture tolong la,jgn bg banyak sgt..dah nak dekat raya ni..
tension...fikir raya agi,assignment agi...haizz..
Nak lepas tension,tapi tak sampai agi masa..
huhu..tgk la pas antar semua assignment aku nak enjoy habis-habis time raya
huhuhu...rindu lak kat GF kita ni har...bila la nak date..=P
hehehe...x tau la tu,bila dia free..sibuk kot=P
Duit raya pun tak masuk agi(Duit PTPTN)
nak bayar bill ni har..hurm...sakit ati la...
apapun hidup biar relax,tapi result kena gempak la....
jgn hidup relax,kije hampeh...
huhuhu....k la..all the best in your life my pal
InsyaAllah god May bless you

Am i......

I confuse with my self now..
What am i feeling??
I love myself..
I love my family,
I love my Dear(even we did not together),
I dont dare to leave u guys,especially u my dear
But my life....

Dear Allah,please forgive my speechless,
I just a normal human been..please forgive me again

لا إله إلا الله محمد رسول الله

Citer aku...

Isnin,7 september 2009

Hari ini aku kuar jalan-jalan dengan abang Aly,hehe..abang kesayangan aku...
biar pun lain bangsa tapi dia selalu tolong aku.T
ak kira apa,dia sanggup tolong biar pun dia duduk kat KB.
Jam kul 1pm so bertolak la dari kampus pergi la jalan-jalan hajat nak pergi pakson tapi malas ramai(tambah-tambah secret admire kat sana)hehe..malu la..salah2 terjumpe..jumpe xpe..cuma takut abang kita je asyik membebel kat sana..hahaha..
apapun tukar plan,pergi la KB MALL company kita ni har...
ramai betul hari ni..entah buang tabiat ke manusia,
semakin dekat dengan raya semakin ramai.tetapi nape manusia x fikir dunia akhirat??3
benda yang kita akan bawak ke akhirat,tubuh dan kekayaan akan ditinggalkan tapi pahala..
K la..back to my point..lepas pusing punya pusing KB MALL..
tapi x ada benda nak beli..
tapi may be next week nak kuar beli barang untuk........hehehe...
maklumlah nak raya dah dekat..hehe.....
so kita pun change plan lak..pergi Billion(company kita gak tu)hehehe..
pusing-pusing gak....result same je..x ada benda nak beli(kuat iman kawal nafsu beli)ahaha
tapi sebelum balik,sempat gak duk kat satu kaunter yang jual dompet,abang kita pun berkenan,pilih tu hampir setengah jam..kakak yang jual tu,muka masam..hahaha..tau-tau jelah..tapi yang kelakar abang kita x beli..haha...aku dengan abang aku terus blah..hahaha..dapat gak dengar kakak tu membebel..hahaha..sian kat dia kan...(moral:jangan menguji kesabaran org pada musim puasa)hahaha
lepas pusing tu pergi la rumah coach kita ni kat lorong chinca..hehe..jumpa dengan coach lama aku..hehe...so sembang la..sampai dekat kul 5.36:50 saat..hahaha...so blah la kita..balik campus la...hehe..and pergi bazaar ramahdan yang dekat kat sini..beli la makanan untuk buka puasa..huhu..tadi kita nak bayar,tapi abang yang bayar..hehe..(save barjet)kakaka....pastu habis then abang kita pun balik la...hehe....


hahaha..i still awake even already near morning
actually also want morning already..
hahaha...what did i do??hahaha
i watching drama,serve internet,update blog..
download thing or staf....
huhuhu...first time me 24 hour did not sleep...
hahaha..i am superman...but now my eye very heavy(sleepy)
dont know why i cant sleep..i thinking many thing
about my future,life and....hehe...of cause my dear..muahh..muahh
haha,now wanna be crazy already..i try enjoy it..
but deep inside of still alone and sad...that what i know...
hurm..because dun wan hurt everyone,i just pretending
that i am fine..no problem,and do nothing...
people ask once me answer once....
very funny right??yeah..perhaps....
to all my friends or XXXXX....
i dun care what my life is....
i just try my best in this world..
when i die,hopefully i did not regret to leave u guys..
There is nothing at all,i pray to god hope bless me..
I love my school time,childhood...but that is journey in my life
the journey soon will end with DIE and death....soon...
DEAR,i love you so much...and I want said sorry to you..
because i dont know did i still alive in the future....

thanks a lot to you guys who caring me..thanks ya...
may allah bless you guys..take care ya.....hehehe..
enjoy your life ,don't be hypocrite ,just be yourself..
k...love you guys...take care again...

Tunjukkan Aku??

Musik dari jiwa,Lagu dari hati
Cerita sepurnama,Canda dan menangis

Belum ku selami,Caturan terjadi
Lelah dipukul badai,Apa mungkin terlerai?

Soalan tersendu,Balas hampa bisu
Tuhan, tunjuk sesuatu,Apa dia yang satu itu?

Tunjukkan aku,Tunjukkan aku

Apa bisa ku cinta,Kamu seperti mana
Aku dicinta kamu?,Aku dijaga kamu?
Atau kamu terlalu,Indah buat diriku?

Beda dari diriku?,Aku pun tak menahu

Aku pun tak menahu,Aku pun tak menahu
Apa bisa ku cinta?Apa bisa ku cinta?


What Happen To MY life!!
Sh*T...VerY Emo Now!!
I Fe3L HaT3 mY LiF3
D@mn ..D@mN.....
sTupId Me..I'M CrAzY...
EnOugH,I3 EnOugH!!!!
nO MoR3 eXcU3E....

Setiap Umat ada Ujianya..

Diriwayatkan daripada Kaab bin Iyadh r.a katanya: Aku mendengar Rasulullah s.a.w bersabda:
"Sesungguhnya setiap umat itu ada ujiannya dan ujian umatku adalah harta kekayaan. " (Hadis riwayat Imam Tirmizi).

Kesimpulan Hadis:

Allah s.w.t menjadikan harta sebagai perhiasan kehidupan dunia dan menjadikan fitrah kejadian manusia lebih cenderung kepada harta dan suka mengumpul harta, oleh yang demikian umat Islam hendaklah berhati-hati di dalam mengumpulkan harta di mana dia hendaklah mengumpulkan harta yang halal dan menjauhkan diri dari mengumpulkan harta yang haram.



Jika memang diriku
Bukanlah menjadi
Pilihan hatimu
Mungkin sudah takdirnya
Kau dan aku
Takkan mesti bersatu
Tertutup sudah pintu,pintu hatiku
yang selama ini terbuka hanya untuk kamu
Setelah aku fahami yang aku bukan terbaik yang ada di hati kamu,tidak dapat aku ternyata dirinya lah penting dalam hidup kamu.Maaf aku,walau aku masih mencintai kamu,aku masih menyayangi kamu,aku harus merelakan kamu.

Gerhana Cinta Luka

Sinar mentari senja
Mendung menyelubungi
Melingkar jiwa
Kau hadir bagai mimpi
Laksana embun pagi
Yang menyirami

Pintamu keterlaluan
Mahligai puncak kayangan
Tak bisa ku tunaikan
Hanyalah syair sendu
Yang dapat kudendangkan

Kita hanyut di buai gelora
Kita layarkan kamar bahtera
Akhirnya tenggelam
Karam di lautan cinta

Patah tumbuh hilang berganti
Mengertilah oh...
Walaupun berbeza zahirnya

Jangan dikesal
Kiranya kau tersiksa
Suratan takdir
Yang telah menimpa

Terlerai janji setia
Musnahlah segalanya
Mahkota impian
Andainya aku tiada
Usahlah ditangiskan

Kilauan cinta yang suci
Yang kau curahkan dulu
Kini gerhana...
Biarpun sebak di dada
Relakan ku melangkah



the translation is below..hahaha

(another tension day for me..
to many assignment to do,
need face the exam,need do this ,do that,i hate!!lecture why give so much assignment to us??i so tension..thinking positive..who say study at university is easy,i love my school life better,i miss my teacher,miss my friends...
thanks god still let me alive in this world to face many thing..i love you god,thanks god)

Aku Bertaubat

Aku hanya manusia biasa
manusia yang hanya ada nafsu
namun begitu,aku bersujud kepada mu
untuk menyucikan diriku ini
Aku diuji dengan pelbagai masalah
sama dengan Nabi Ayub a.w
tapi aku bersabar,bersabar dengan penuh keimanan
Berikan aku masa untuk bertauhid kepadaMu
Berikan aku untuk bertaubat,
Berikan Aku untuk mengerjakan semua Lima Rukun
dan Berikan aku ketenangan hati ini
Ya Betul,aku hanya manusia kerdil,
tak layak untuk berminta,
tapi Aku berusaha berdoa denganMu dengan kerelaan hatiKu ini
Hanya kepadaMu Ya Allah aku bersujud
Aku percaya denganMu Ya Allah..
Masa dah Suntuk,Masa dah pendek
Kau bukan pedekkan masa,tapi Mempercepat Masa..
Aku bertaubat,Aku bertaubat....

N*n..Still not Viable Forget You!!!





I am still not viable
Forget you
In my heart says
What is love

At the heart of this
Only toys alone
But you do not understand
What actually happened

In this self -
You are still in the hearts
Can do
To postpone the self -

From you
Once you go
There is nothing in this self
I hope you can change hearts
Hopefully you will return
In this self


Betul ke Cinta tak kenal sape?
Tak kira betapa besar dinding ego yang dirikan

Hati dan perasaan diorang tetap akan berteriak
dalam sanubari

Aku Sukakan Kau!!
Aku Cintakan Kau!!

"Tapi adakah semua akan diluahkan"
"mampukah perkataan ni,cinta ini
merobohkan dinding egois yang
semakin menebal tu?"

Me and You(A#*%N)

You are still beautiful as first
When I look together with you
Want to feel me with you
But I do not like first

You smile friendly
May not be why
But i cant
There is a injured

Do not awaited
Sure never happened
While you i had love
Let saved
Invent boundaries
I also yourself and

Now I have two
Future that we do not suspect
I know you still hope whatsoever
But I can leave my

Another in my life

another day has gone
A new day have arrive
What am I need to face?
perhaps i am not strong enough
to face this special feeling
Love very powerful
can make people,
I dont know what my feeling now
I so love her,i very love her,
but she........i accept the fate
for now i am just wait
wait she accept me
hurm....thanks for you making me more stronger

Kepada Kau...A......

Look at you like a beautiful angel
Want to be able to be with you love you

Just though you know that I love with you
But all do not mind pretending to escape

I acknowledge the courage of my own so do not
Did not dare tell you that I love you now regret it already too late

Thinking. . . Hug you
In fact, to tell you I love you
I will not let you leave

I . . Love you
But I will not let you leave
Would like to tell you that one I love you

Can you stop suspect
Listen to me say I love you. . .

Hug you
In fact, to tell you I love you
I will not let you leave

I. . . Love you
But I will not let you leave
Would like to tell you that one I love you

I loved you loved you

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